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On 7th June 1893, Mahatma Gandhi, aged 24, was evicted from a first class coach on the Pietermaritzburg Railway station despite possesing a valid ticket. The reason: Non-whites weren't allowed to travel first class. From this began his journey to strive for freedom from oppression.

In the year 2012, after winning a national-level competition, 'Godrej LOUD', i was given the opportunity to live my dream of visiting South Africa to see Bapu's legacy which was sponsored by Godrej itself. Subsequently in June 2013, I followed the Gandhi trail, visiting Johannesburg, Durban, Phoenix and Pietermaritzburg, and getting postmarks from the various post offices. It was a truly enriching experience in trying to understand how his memory still exists in this rainbow nation. Some pictures of the visit are shown below:

gandhi south africa 1

gandhi south africa 2

          Gandhi Square, Joburg

                            Apartheid Museum

gandhi south africa 3

gandhi south africa 4

      Prison No.4, Constitution Hill

               Satyagraha House established by Kallenbach

gandhi south africa 5

gandhi south africa 6
      Postmark at Durban P.O.

    Phoenix Settlement - Printing Press of Indian Opinion

gandhi south africa 7

gandhi south africa 8

      Sarvodaya House at Phoenix Settlement

           Pietermaritzburg Railway platform

gandhi south africa 9

gandhi south africa 10

      Pietermaritzburg Railway Station

           Ms.Ela Gandhi, Bapu's grand-daughter

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