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In 2007, collectors were invited to share their valuable Gandhi collectables with the world by getting them published in a collaborative effort. Within a year, the voluminous "Gandhi Handbook" was brought out. In glorious colour with over 2000 illustrations, this 500 page book is an exhaustive compendium of all collectables related to Mahatma Gandhi. Though the major (over 90%) part is covered with Philatelic articles, coins, labels, statues, etc., also find their place.

The "Gandhi Handbook" is a huge success all over with Gandhi enthusiasts. Many find it difficult to believe that a book of such high quality could have been printed in India at such short notice. But it is the love and dedication on the part of the authors, Shri Manik Jain and Shri Mrinal Kanti Ray, that has made it possible.

I had also sent some of my items to be part of this masterpiece, and the authors were kind enough to publish them. Below are the scans of all my items featured in the book . Also included is the Title Page (with Author's Note to me), the Foreword and the Acknowledgements Page.

gandhi handbook

gandhi handbook
                      Author's Personal Note


gandhi handbook gandhi handbook
              Chile Football FFC to Germany (1974)

GB Commonwealth Cover sgnd. M.Thatcher (1983)

gandhi handbook gandhi handbook
                    Morocco FFC to Spain (1971)

Nicaragua 8v Ovpt on cover to Germany (1981)

gandhi handbook gandhi handbook
        Sao Tome 12v sheet used to Germany (1980)

     Syria Censored cover to Germany (1970)

gandhi handbook gandhi handbook
           India 1948 stamp and Jai Hind Postmark

India Service 1.5 Anna - "President Camp PO" (1950)

Gandhi handbook gandhi handbook
             S.Africa 7th June - date when Gandhiji
        got kicked out of train at Pietermaritzburg

Acknowledgments Page

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